Business Class
without compromise for
single-aisle aircraft

Welcome to the new space age

VantageSOLO has been developed and designed specifically in response to the rapidly emerging medium to long range market now being serviced by a new generation of narrow-body aircraft. This seat offers a fully horizontal flat bed with direct-aisle access for every seat. Built-in flexibility is a critical piece of the SOLO allowing customers to configure the SOLO seat with either an open aisle end, a fixed privacy screen or a full function suite door.


100% Accessibility

Direct-aisle access for every seat

A new generation

Developed and designed specifically for narrow-body aircraft

A class by itself

Setting a new level of comfort for Business Class travel on single-aisle aircraft

Maximising cabin real estate

Optional enhanced "Front Row" for additional revenue generation

High level of privacy

VantageSOLO is available with either an open aisle end, a fixed privacy screen or a sliding suite door

Fully horizontal flat bed

Seat pitch from only 33”, bed lengths from 76"

First Class for free

Encompassed within the SOLO platform configuration is the
possibility for two front row First-class suites

Extensive personal space

A wide range of customisable stowage options provide ample personal space


Profit from an inspired layout

VantageSOLO offers the convenience of direct-aisle seat access for all passengers with generous seat widths and bed lengths. The front-facing herringbone seating arrangement provides ample personal space with a wide range of customisable stowage options.

The Company behind VantageSOLO

Thompson Aero Seating is recognised for cutting edge design, engineering and manufacture of premium class, full-flat bed airline seating. Our bespoke solutions maximise passengers‘ personal space and, through intelligent design, optimise every inch of the cabin.


What people say about VantageSOLO

"The extended range of the latest gen single aisle aircraft such as the Airbus A321LR / XLR and Boeing MAX, with flight sectors up to 8 hours, is a game changer for Business Class travellers. Airlines will use these aircraft to increase frequency on key routes and/or to begin service to destinations that at least initially are not cost effective for larger, wide-bodied aircraft. The vision for a true Business Class seat designed specifically for these platforms began back in 2016 from an original concept created by Factorydesign, and so began the VantageSOLO journey.“

Andy Morris, VP Commercial at AVIC Cabin Systems


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